About Advanced Body Scan

Advanced Body Scan is an electron beam tomography services facility in Oklahoma City. Electron beam tomography, or EBT, is a type of computer-aided tomography (CAT) scanning technology that uses electronics instead of a mechanical spinner to image the human body. The EBT machine at Advanced Body Scan is the only one of its kind in the state of Oklahoma. The facility’s team of experts and specialists use the EBT scanner’s data to provide accurate diagnoses to patients. The Advanced Body Scan staff is headed by Medical Director Dr. Stanley J. Dombek. Dr. Dombek holds a medical degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and completed a residency in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery at the University of Texas in 1976. He is a highly-trained specialist who has been awarded fellowship with the American College of Surgery and holds numerous other certifications and distinctions. Under Dr. Dombek’s leadership, the facility provides accurate scanning and diagnostic services to the greater Oklahoma City area.

Though most often used to screen for heart disease, an EBT scanner can also be used for colon and lung cancer screenings, bone density screenings, full body exams, and more. The screenings performed at Oklahoma City’s Advanced Body Scan are non-invasive and can accurately detect internal health issues well before symptoms begin to develop. Patients who discover health issues early using EBT procedures are better able to respond to them before they become real threats.

Traditional CAT scanners rely on mechanical movement and can capture around three images per second. By comparison, an EBT scanner provides images at a rate of up to forty per second. With this capacity to capture so many more images in the same amount of time, EBT is a useful way to screen for heart disease and other internal problems that traditional CAT scanners cannot detect. Moreover, since the process is much faster than a traditional CAT scanner, the dose of radiation delivered by the machine is also the lowest possible for a tomographic scanning procedure.


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